HVAC licensing exam cram course

Offered by EMS- Energy  Marketing Service

What you will learn

The tough stuff –

Such as, “What is the adjusted friction rate of a 25 foot long, 12″ X 18″ straight metal duct handling 835 CFM”?

Why –

The tough stuff sucks up your test time. If you are able to breeze through the tough questions, you will have plenty of time to look up answers to general code questions. Question on Duct sizing, load calculations, out door ventilation. pipe and vent sizing can eat up your test time in a nano second.

What you will not learn

The answers to lookup questions –

Such as; “What is the Minimum height an appliance may be hung above a residential garage floor”?

Why –

You are not expected to memorize every UL or ASTM number or the outdoor design temperature of Caribou ME. That’s why the exam is open book. If you are proficient at the time consuming tough questions, you will have plenty of time to find the answers to look-up type questions

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